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Cornish National tartan flower broach funeral wedding

Cornish National Tartan Flower Broach

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Whether you're attending a special event, celebrating a milestone, or simply looking to add a touch of Cornish charm to your everyday attire, the Handmade Cornish Tartan Flower Pin Brooch is a beautiful and distinctive choice. Wear it with pride, knowing that you are supporting local artisans and carrying a piece of Cornwall's artistic legacy with you.


Elevate your style with the Handmade Cornish Tartan Flower Pin Brooch – a meticulously crafted accessory that showcases the beauty of Cornwall's tartan pattern and the skill of Cornwall's artisans. Celebrate your love for Cornwall and add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with this exceptional brooch.


Handmade in Cornwall


100% Cotton

Cornish National Tartan 

Pin on the back so it can attach to any clothing.  Suitable for weddings and funerals.

size is approximately 4 inches.

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