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Tara Cloak Pin

Tara Cloak Pin


Tara Cloak Pin

Step back in time with our Tara Cloak Pin, a meticulously crafted pewter pennanular brooch that echoes the elegance and functionality of ancient Celtic fasteners. Made with a carbon steel pin, this brooch is designed to be used just as it would have been 1000 years ago.

The Tara Cloak Pin features a circular section that is pushed through a loose weave garment, securing it in place. The circular section is then rotated over the pin to lock it into position, ensuring a snug fit and adding an authentic touch to your attire.Measuring approximately 61mm in width and 63mm in height, this brooch is suitable for use with loose weave fabrics only. Its timeless design and historical significance make it a perfect accessory for reenactments, historical events, or simply adding a touch of Celtic flair to your wardrobe.

Embrace the tradition and craftsmanship of ancient Celtic culture with our Tara Cloak Pin, a symbol of elegance and heritage.


Material: Pewter with carbon steel pin

Design: Pennanular (Tara)

Width: 61mm

Height: 63mm

Suitable for use with loose weave fabrics only

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