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Full dress Cornish crested sporran

Cornish Crested Full Dress Sporran


Cornish Crested Full Dress Sporran with Celtic engraved metal top and three fur tassels over a fur front.

The sporran is a traditional part of a Celtic outfit. The sporran is worn on a leather strap or chain (included), conventionally positioned in front of the groin of the wearer. Since the traditional kilt does not have pockets, the sporran serves as a wallet and container for any other necessary personal items. The sporran hangs below the belt buckle. This style is regarded as the most formal type of sporran. It is an essential attachment for those who wear kilts in special ceremonies and formal events. It normally contains fur fronts, a fur gusset, fur tassels with regular or cross chains, and a metal top. This metal top is engraved with Celtic knots. This style commonly fastens at the rear with a stud on a small flap connecting the sporran's front and rear. It allows the wearer to carry a range of items due to the larger size of this sporran.


Adult sporran or child sporran to choose from.

Please note the child sporran does not include tassels.

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